Detective Olivia: The Cult of Whisperers

Sometimes small-town mysteries call for big-city detectives, and you’re just the one for the job! When strange disappearances surrounded by mysterious rituals plague a secluded mining town, you quickly find yourself at odds with a formidable cult. And while its members may have gone undetected for years, they’re ready to prove their faith with more than just empty words. With even your mentor falling prey to their preaching, can you crack the case and escape in one piece? Find out in this brand-new mystical detective adventure!

Numerous sects and worship groups arise almost daily — and disband just as often, rarely lasting more than a year. The silent ones are mostly harmless, but...

But something is definitely wrong with this elusive cult. It has been maturing for several years, if not decades, and only now are we starting to receive reports of mysterious disappearings and inexplicable rituals being performed. Even LAPD detective Olivia Hastings has lost her mentor to the cult, and she will not let them get away with it so easily.

Olivia sets off to the very heart of the conspiracy: a quiet mining town on the outskirts of civilization, already full of traces of the cult's activity. Time and space themselves feel twisted, unwilling to let strangers in. The signal is dead. There's no way back. The answers await!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • 12 additional story levels
  • Integrated strategy guide
  • Extra hidden objects and bonus puzzles
  • New tasks and achievements
  • Downloadable wallpapers and concept art

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