White Rabbit's Wonderland: Way Back Home

The 24th of September

Before Alice returned, Wonderland was submerged in a deep sleep. The White Rabbit was the first one to wake up, and now he will need to guide Alice back and protect Wonderland from Dodo!

Once we forget about the dreamworlds of our youth, they are enveloped by sleep, and stay like that until we remember them again. There was a period when Alice forgot about Wonderland completely-but of course she came back, ready to experience new adventures, find new friends, and help everyone in need!

But what was it like just before she found her way back? Who helped her behind the scenes? And who opposed her return, hurt by the fact that she once treated Wonderland like a whimsical dream? So many things happened without Alice even knowing about them...

Discover the truth with us, and help the brave heroes of Wonderland reunite with their favorite heroine!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • A glimpse into what Wonderland was like just before Alice returned
  • The ever-busy White Rabbit as the protagonist
  • Multiple game modes: choose between a relaxed story-driven experience and an intense race against time
  • Collectibles, puzzles, and achievements
  • New characters, exciting challenges, and minigames!

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